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How and Where to start

How much your site will cost you is usually the first question asked. The answer is that if you are going to do everything yourself you can keep it to under $100.00 per year.

Of course you can pay quite a bit more and do nothing. The more work that you are willing to do for yourself the less it should cost, but that is not always true. For the sake of this site we're going to assume that you want to do everything and after that you can decide how much it's worth to you.

  • Keep it simple
  • Start small
  • Make it easy to contact you.
  • Make it easy to order
  • Test for results
  • Try, try, try again

First of all you should own your name. When I registered this site I sat down and tried to think of a cool name to use that would cover what I wanted to do. A friend suggested to me that I should own my own name no matter what and whatever I found after that I could always direct people to.

I believe that it's best to have a .com address or possibly .org. There are people who say it doesn't matter, I think it's worth getting a .com if you can get it.

See if the domain name that you want is available

I recommend that you register your name yourself. I use GoDaddy.com it costs less than $10.00 a year. I have heard of people letting their design company register their domain name for them and then not being able to get it back when they need it. In the end your domain name is all that you really own. Don't let someone else control it.

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