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MusicForMS.org A site to promote the Music for MS festival to raise awareness and money for the MS Society of Western PA.

In our 1st 4 years we have donated $162, 500 to the PA Keystone Chapter of the National MS Society. We aim to make every year’s festival the best ever

Jaclyn Herring, PhD

Hearing and Heeding Your Hungers... A diet liberation course

Herring screenshot Dr. Herring is a clinical psychologist treating individuals with eating and weight issues after seeing the destruction that diets caused. She wanted a place where people could download her video courses and also have a private section of the site where they could have private conversations.

She also wanted a public area where she could share ideas and upcoming events. She also wanted to be able to easily run he site herself.


Musings on Wine and Spirits by Louis Marmon

Grapelines screenshot As seen in:
Washington Post, Gazette Newspapers, DC Examiner, The Wine Report Washington Jewish Week, LA Times, Jewish Exponent, Capitol File Magazine

Dr. Marmon has become a popular wine author and wanted his site to look more like a magazine.

I wanted to thank you again for your excellent work. The complete revision of my website, Grapelines.com, was clearly too daunting for me to do and I consider myself fortunate that I was able to have you undertake this project. The results are even better than I envisioned and your patience and diligence through all my many questions and revisions were greatly appreciated. The new site has only been active for a few weeks, yet I have already seen an increase in traffic and have received loads of positive feedback. Great job!

Oakmont Floral

Oakmont Floral screenshot Oakmont Floral & Design is located in the heart of Oakmont, Pennsylvania servicing Oakmont, Verona, Penn Hills, Fox Chapel, and surrounding communities.

They wanted a website designed to more accurately reflect their own design work and not stock images of nationally produced arrangements.

Dora was a self-described *technical illiterate*, who now loves running her site herself.

The Dor-Stop Restaurant

Dor-Stop Restaurant screenshot This beloved Dormont diner is located on a spacious airy corner at 1430 Potomac Avenue

Business Leads Exchange Networking Group LLC

This is a networking group that I attend, believe in and am proud to make and maintain their site. Their mission is to provide a creative, professional, comfortable and fun environment for business owners, independent professionals and salespeople to cultivate relationships and expand their business base.

Carol A. Briney founded BLX in 2004 and I also designed her site
Carol Briney Work From Home

Jim has been a life saver for me and my companies. He has done 2 websites for me, as well as several for my business associates. Jim makes having a website simple and easy. He takes care of all of the technical stuff so I can go about my business and do the things I love. I would not ever hesitate to suggest that someone use Jim for all of their website needs.

Craig Zinger
Pianist/Parody Creator

Pianist Craig Zinger delivers a knockout, entertaining show of hilarious original parodies (The Pierogi Polka & G-20 Parody as featured on Radio & TV) plus dazzling Boogie Woogie/ Ragtime piano.

Songs include "Pierogi Polka" the official song of Pierogi Race, played at every Pittsburgh Pirate baseball game at PNC Park in 2010

"Not only did Jim Lillicotch design an excellent, eye-catching site, he had a bunch of great marketing ideas. I highly recommend Jim."
Craig Zinger, Parodywriter,
Pittsburgh, PA

Talk'n Tables™

Replaces the existing tabletops with polyurethane-covered solid oak table tops will have space available for local businesses to advertise.
These ads are digital, full color, computer generated and are permanently laminated into the tables. Restaurant tabletop advertising at it best.

This site owner wanted pages added with some in a password protected area where his clients could log in and get private information. He was quoted for many hours of work and testing for a convoluted PHP solution and the pages in that section didn't even match the rest of the site. I provided him a basic htaccess solution at no extra charge, that was simple, secure and worked right away without testing (although we did test it).

In addition I removed tables, cleaned up the code, added a nice background, added hover effects for the buttons and made all of the pages match, including the private ones.

Without any question I recommend Jim as a webmaster. He's quick, creative, a workaholic and just a darn nice guy. I was in a position with my site where I needed to start over, but Jim was able to "revamp" instead of "replace" my site which saved me money and time. Jim was referred to me by one of his customers and I am glad I went with him. He's a winner! Give him a shot.


An ecommerce site that had many different price equations.

We would like to take this opportunity to say that working with Jim Lillicotch has been a pleasure. We were referred to him by our IT guy. All we were given was a phone number to work with. We were in need of changing our website to a new server. I will say that when contacted by us, Jim was at all times very professional. Jim was given some interesting issues to work with. Our old website was very outdated. He worked diligently to get it up to date and user friendly. He worked with us to get all issues resolved in a timely manor. Most issues were resolved in minutes, or at the most 1 day. We are very pleased with his professionalism and knowledge base. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to start a webpage or update their current webpage.

Gwen Ehrman
Administrative Assistant

Chamber Musicians

This site was originally done by the owner in Rapid Weaver and was very plain. Many of the pages looked different and the code was cluttered and bulky. I gave the site a consistent look and feel, added a background, removed the tables and cleaned up the code. I also added a blog that matched the rest of the site. A cleaner site for some excellent Pittsburgh Musicians

"...After creating my web site several years ago, I have tried to find someone who was knowledgeable to help me work with it and keep it updated. I went through several companies and a few individual web designers who looked very promising and supposedly were eager to help me. However, it was not until I found Jim's web site that it finally started to become clear what it takes to have a site of your own. He was able to not only run my web site on a technical level and redesign a lot of things on it, but also to explain to me a lot of details about my site and what had to be done in order to attract clients of my own to it. Even with my limited computer background Jim was able to put things in a way that was understood by me, without getting caught up too much in "techno- computer" terminology, which is what scared me away from other web designers. He keeps it all simple, clear and to the point without making it all confusing. The longer Jim has been working on my site - the more traffic I started getting to it, which is great for my business!..."

We Care Home Improvements

A Home Improvement Company

This site is based on their brochure. Traffic seems to be improving each month.

He liked my work and has added 5 more sites to promote his mission of meaningful licensing in the home improvement industry

We Care Free Estimates. Com, Inc. has been using the services of Jim Lillicotch for our website development and implementation for the past several years. We find Jim to be most accommodating to our sometimes insane requests and we acknowledge that we are a difficult at best client.

Visit any of our sites that what Jim has developed over the years. The many complexities and changes that we have requested has always been with the most professional accommodations.
Jim Lillicotch is always more than helpful, accomplishes the tasks at hand in a timely fashion at the most reasonable costs. We do not hesitate to recommend Jim Lillicotch to anyone who can utilize his services.

James K Weigold Pres.
Joseph Bucher Sec/Treas.
We care Free Estimates.Com, Inc.

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