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Business Plan

Having a business plan is essential for any business. In my case it was not primarily for raising money from investors or lenders, it was mostly just a plan, a guide to keep me on track and to remind me what my goals are and how I plan to get to them. If you are planning to borrow money for your business a business plan is essential and usually needs to be much more detailed than mine.

I have found many good resources for a business plan

Some of the best resources are found on the Small Business Administration website. They have some great information there including: Business Planning, Financing, Marketing, Employees, Taxes, and Legal Aspects.

Here is my business plan. I recommend that after you write yours that you make time in your schedule to review it on a regular basis. It may be to make changes in direction or it may be just as a reminder to keep you on the track that you set for yorself.

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