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My name is Jim Lillicotch and I have lived and worked in Pittsburgh PA my whole life. I have had many different jobs and have learned different lessons about business from each one. In 1996 I said to my boss that we should probably have a website. This new internet thing seems to be really catching on. He said to me "OK make us one". I have been in love with designing and promoting affordable and efficient websites ever since. I learned then and still believe that anyone can be heard and compete on the web, but only if it's done well.

Sites should look neat and clean, without too much clutter. Navigation should be easy to find and use. It has to be seamless and easy to move around a site or visitors just go away. One click and they can be gone forever. I believe that websites are meant to be used, used for reading, used for networking, used for shopping, etc. Websites, like any other marketing tool, convey a message and are an invitation for visitors to trust us.

I have found that there are many vendors who will try to sell the most intricate and complicated solutions to you that they can. Many times this is because they want to make more money and many times it's because they don't know any other way. I believe that the simplest solution is often the best and most effective. I know that it is almost always the most economical. I can't begin to count the number of times that I have quoted a customer for a job and they don't believe that I can do what I say. They are so used to being quoted for dozens of hours for programming and testing when there are many more simple solutions that have already been proven over and over. Things like free open source software that will do many jobs as well or better than other programs.

Please have a look at some of my work on my Sites page. There are testimonials there from my customers who will gladly verify that I can and will do what I say that I can and unlike some others I am more than happy to share what I know. I write quite a bit about Web Design and promotion and I invite you to share your thoughts on any of the posts on my blog. I read all comments.

If you would like some free do-it-yourself web site creation, promotion and maintenance help please visit my Start Your Own Website section and I have written some articles for anyone to read and share.

I offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee

The price of a website can depend on many different factors. For Example:

  • Is this a new design or reworking something that you already have?
  • Do you own your domain name and web space?
  • Do you already have typed copy and images that are ready to go?
  • Are you interested in doing any of the maintenance yourself?
  • If you are interested in doing some of the work, will you need training?

These and other factors can determine the price of your job.
I would like to offer you a no charge consultation, on the phone or in person.
Please contact me.

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