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Publishing Your Site

Once your site is made in your computer you are ready to publish it to the web. There are several ways to do this, but I prefer FTP (file transfer protocol). There are also many good FTP programs and one of the best is FREE and open source. It's called Filezilla.

When you open an FTP program and log into your webhost (each program is a little different) you are presented with two windows. The one window is the files on your computer and the second window is the files on your web host (your web site). You can easily move files from your computer to the web (or visa versa) by just dragging them from one window to another.

That is why in my Organize section I recommend that you name the main folder of your website in your computer to the same name as the folder on your webhost. That way no matter how many changes that you make to your site you can just drag that folder from one window to another and all your changes will move from your computer to the web.

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