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Who Are You Designing For?

You can read later about helping to get your site found on the search engines or SEO.
You can get millions of visitors from search engines, but what good will it do you if they leave right away. Look at your site from a human visitors point of view and please yourself first.

You also have to think of what browsers people are using. You may not think of that as a problem and hopefully one day it won't be, but right now in 2007 it is.
IE6 is currently about a third of the browsers in use and dropping by about 1% a month. There are things that you can do for new browsers Like Firefox and IE7 that just won't work in IE6.

So the question becomes at what point is it worth putting this cool looking effect on a site if 50% of the visitors won't see it or have it distorted. How about 30%? 20%?
In the end it's the site's owner that  will decide.

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