Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO?

Question from Small Business Community that I answered today Is Wix or WordPress better for SEO? The real (not so) secret is to publish new content regularly, that’s easy for the visitor to find. Write for your human visitors and search will follow. WordPress categories, tags and search makes that a breeze. I’ve been making […]

WordPress SEO Plugins

I was thinking about purchasing the WordPress plugin SEO Ultimate pro any thoughts on this plugin. I don’t use these kind of plugins. I believe that it’s more important to pay attention to your human visitors than the bots This plugin seems to be #1 https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/ No matter which one you choose, try the free […]

SEO and SEO Scams

My customer forwarded me this today. He was worried that his website was missing out on tons of traffic. I get millions of this crap, so it’s probably easier for me to spot as spam (I added the stop sign) From: Cool sounding (English) name@gmail.com Subject: Can I give some honest feedback on your website? […]

SEO is Simple – My Rules

Search engines and their algorythms are constantly changing. So the exact rules for being found by the search engines are not known, but here are also some old mainstays that don’t really change. SEO is Simple – My Rules Rule 1 – Have good navigation that search engines (and humans) can read and follow If […]

More Great SEO Tools

I found this list of Free SEO tools. I have tried many of them before and there are many others that I haven’t tried yet, but will. I do recommend bookmarking this post on Investintech and at least having a look at all of the tools. Visit 101 Free SEO Tools

Great Help For SEO Beginners

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Whenever I go somewhere and talk about my work the question that gets asked first and most often is “how do I get to the top of the Google search results page?” Many times I’ll foolishly attempt a quick answer, which almost always leads to many more questions. Well, who better to ask these questions […]

How To Get Inbound Links For SEO

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One of the best ways to move your site up the search engine results page for your keywords is to have incoming links from outside websites. The higher ranking and more authoritative these sites are the better it is for you. The problem that people and companies with new sites run into is how to […]

Thoughts On An SEO Bubble

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There has been quite a bit written and talked about lately about an “SEO Bubble” and how long that search engine optimization will remain viable. One of the best posts that I’ve read recently is on a blog called Conversation Marketing. The issues that seem to be of the most concern is that SEO is […]

Tradmarking SEO

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It seems that a person named Jason Gambert is trying to trademark the term “SEO”. There is no reason to believe that he will be able to accomplish this, but I have seen some strange things come out of our courts. Read More On The SEOMOZ Blog

How To Rate An SEO Service

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I got an email the other day from a company in India that wanted my SEO business. I don’t think that they read my site, but they talked to me about link building and I don’t write about that much so maybe they did. They contacted me through my email form so what they sent […]

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