Is there a natural order of promotion

Someone in one of my groups on LinkedIn asked “what is the best way to allocate (promotional) resources?” Asking how best to allocate their limited resources (time and $$) I answered and thought I’d share it here, you may have heard this before. Start with the free stuff. There are some good ones http://www.lillicotch.com/Blog/?s=marketing When […]

Great idea for a promotion

My friend Sheri Powell ran a promotion yesterday that I can’t remember anyone else doing before. “On this day in 1792, President George Washington signed the Postal Service Act, thereby creating the U.S. Post Office. In honor of this historic day, shipping is free at Pretzel Crazy on all orders placed today!” I have written […]

Website Promotion With WordPress

Wade Richards is my customer. Have a look at his site. He’s a musician using wordpress tools to promote his business and doing a good job of it. http://timeformusic.org/

My #1 Promotion Is To Give Something Away Free

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I saw a post on LinkedIn today by Mike Clough called Top 10 Advertising Tips For Small Business. I was interested in the title so I went to the site and read the article. I liked what he had to say, but for me the #1 promotion is to give something away for free. Information […]

Be Ready For Unexpected Promotion Opportunities

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Things happen every day that are completely unexpected that cause a furor of web searches. Michael Jackson dies or Kanye West gets drunk and makes an ass out of himself at an awards show. Sometimes a thing like this happens and it somehow has something to do with your business or brand. That’s when you […]

Any Ideas For Fall Promotions?

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My friend from way back in High School, Barb Gerson has a site that she started when she recently went into business for herself called “My Sales Tactics“. We sometimes write back and forth about some crazy things like the Ohiopyle “Over The Falls Race“, but it’s usually business. She recently asked me to comment […]

Inexpensive Promotion With Added Goodwill

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The general manager at a fairly large store asked me recently if I knew of any inexpensive ways that they could promote their Saturday business and add some excitement for their sales staff. They had tried several different things some were successful and some were not. They had already tried signs, banners, balloons, newspaper ads, […]

Creative Promotion Ideas

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I like to read the Wall Street Journal’s Small Business section. It seems there are always good ideas for business looking to promote themselves in new and unusual ways. I find myself paying close attention to their blog and often following their related content as more of it becomes free. Recently I read and enjoyed […]

An Interesting Promotion Tool – Blog Talk Radio

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One of my customers showed a site to me called Blog Talk Radio and asked what I thought of his using it for promoting his business. He is a big listener to talk radio and was looking for a similar way to get his message out to the world. What Blog Talk Radio does it […]

What Does This Cute Card Have To Do With Promotion?

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I often look for ways to promote a company’s website by using ideas that can be passed around by others. If done well it can give you great publicity that doesn’t cost much or anything at all. Many times that can be more valuable than paid advertising. Because of that I tend to pay attention […]

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